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AWS vs. GCP vs. Azure: A Comprehensive List of Cloud Services

Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of services offered by major cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure?

I did get overwhelmed. That's why I created this list for my own purpose. Please bookmark it so you can land on this when you need it.

As a Data Engineer, I run around like a headless chicken, switching between these services as I work with multiple clients on a day-to-day business.

This comprehensive list provides an overview of the wide range of services available on each platform, giving you a valuable reference to explore and understand their capabilities.


Cloud computing has transformed how businesses operate, offering many services that cater to diverse needs. AWS, GCP, and Azure are at the forefront of this evolution, providing an extensive array of tools to support businesses of all sizes and industries.

Service CategoryAWS ServicesGCP ServicesAzure Services
ComputeAmazon EC2Google Compute EngineAzure Virtual Machines
Amazon LightsailGoogle App EngineAzure Virtual Machine Scale Sets
AWS LambdaGoogle Cloud FunctionsAzure Batch
AWS Elastic BeanstalkGoogle Kubernetes Engine (GKE)Azure Service Fabric
Amazon EC2 Container ServiceGoogle Cloud RunAzure Container Instances
AWS FargateGoogle AnthosAzure Functions
StorageAmazon S3Google Cloud StorageAzure Blob Storage
Amazon EBSGoogle Cloud Persistent DiskAzure Files
Amazon GlacierGoogle Cloud Storage NearlineAzure Data Lake Storage
Amazon EFSGoogle Cloud FilestoreAzure Table Storage
AWS Snow FamilyGoogle Cloud Storage ColdlineAzure Disk Storage
AWS Storage GatewayGoogle Cloud Transfer ServiceAzure Managed Disks
DatabaseAmazon RDSGoogle Cloud SQLAzure SQL Database
Amazon DynamoDBGoogle Cloud SpannerAzure Cosmos DB
Amazon RedshiftGoogle Cloud BigtableAzure Database for MySQL
Amazon NeptuneGoogle Cloud FirestoreAzure Database for PostgreSQL
Amazon ElastiCacheGoogle Cloud MemorystoreAzure Database for MariaDB
Amazon DocumentDBGoogle Cloud Firebase Realtime DatabaseAzure Database Migration Service
NetworkingAmazon VPCGoogle Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)Azure Virtual Network
AWS Direct ConnectGoogle Cloud InterconnectAzure ExpressRoute
Amazon Route 53Google Cloud DNSAzure Load Balancer
Amazon CloudFrontGoogle Cloud CDNAzure Application Gateway
AWS Global AcceleratorGoogle Cloud Network Service TiersAzure VPN Gateway
AWS Transit GatewayGoogle Cloud PeeringAzure Content Delivery Network (CDN)
AnalyticsAmazon EMRGoogle Cloud DataprocAzure HDInsight
Amazon Redshift SpectrumGoogle BigQueryAzure Databricks
Amazon KinesisGoogle Cloud DataflowAzure Stream Analytics
Amazon QuickSightGoogle Data StudioAzure Synapse Analytics
AI/MLAmazon SageMakerGoogle AI PlatformAzure Machine Learning
Amazon RekognitionGoogle Cloud AIAzure Cognitive Services
Amazon PollyGoogle Cloud AutoMLAzure Bot Services
Amazon ComprehendGoogle Cloud Vision AIAzure Custom Vision
Amazon LexGoogle Cloud Natural LanguageAzure Form Recognizer
AWS DeepRacerGoogle Cloud Speech-to-TextAzure Language Understanding
Internet of ThingsAWS IoT CoreGoogle Cloud IoT CoreAzure IoT Hub
AWS GreengrassGoogle Cloud IoT EdgeAzure IoT Central
AWS IoT AnalyticsGoogle Cloud Pub/SubAzure IoT Edge
AWS IoT Device ManagementGoogle Cloud IoT Device ManagerAzure Sphere
AWS IoT EventsGoogle Cloud IoT DataflowAzure Time Series Insights
AWS IoT SiteWiseGoogle Cloud IoT Device SimulatorAzure Digital Twins
Identity & SecurityAWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)Google Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)Azure Active Directory
AWS CognitoGoogle Cloud Identity PlatformAzure AD B2C
Amazon GuardDutyGoogle Cloud Security Command CenterAzure AD B2B
Amazon InspectorGoogle Cloud Security ScannerAzure Multi-Factor Authentication
AWS WAFGoogle Cloud Identity-Aware ProxyAzure Key Vault
AWS ShieldGoogle Cloud Key Management ServiceAzure Security Center
Management ToolsAWS CloudFormationGoogle Cloud Deployment ManagerAzure Resource Manager
Amazon CloudWatchGoogle Cloud MonitoringAzure Monitor
AWS Systems ManagerGoogle Cloud ConsoleAzure Policy
AWS ConfigGoogle Cloud ConfigAzure Automation
AWS CloudTrailGoogle Cloud LoggingAzure Update Management
AWS OpsWorksGoogle Cloud ProfilerAzure Logic Apps
DevOpsAWS CodePipelineGoogle Cloud BuildAzure DevOps Services
AWS CodeDeployGoogle Cloud Source RepositoriesAzure DevTest Labs
AWS CodeBuildGoogle Cloud Container RegistryAzure DevOps Pipelines
AWS CodeStarGoogle Cloud BuildpacksAzure Artifacts
AWS Elastic BeanstalkGoogle Cloud Deployment ManagerAzure Container Registry
AWS AppConfigGoogle Cloud Artifact RegistryAzure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
AWS CodeCommitGoogle Cloud Code RepositoriesAzure Spring Cloud
Content DeliveryAmazon CloudFrontGoogle Cloud CDNAzure Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Amazon S3 Transfer AccelerationGoogle Cloud Load BalancingAzure Front Door
Amazon CloudFront Lambda@EdgeGoogle Cloud ArmorAzure Application Gateway
Amazon CloudFront Field Level EncryptionGoogle Cloud Traffic DirectorAzure CDN
Amazon S3 Cross-Region ReplicationGoogle Cloud Global Load BalancingAzure Traffic Manager
Amazon S3 SelectGoogle Cloud External Content CacheAzure Private Link
Data IntegrationAWS GlueGoogle Cloud DataflowAzure Data Factory
AWS DataSyncGoogle Cloud DataprepAzure Data Share
Amazon Kinesis Data StreamsGoogle Cloud Data FusionAzure Data Box
Amazon Kinesis Data FirehoseGoogle Cloud Pub/SubAzure Data Explorer
AWS AppSyncGoogle Cloud ComposerAzure Data Migration Service

Keep in Mind: The cloud industry is dynamic, with providers frequently introducing new services and updates. While this list encompasses a wide range of services available up to the present, it's advisable to visit the official documentation of each platform to access the most up-to-date information on their offerings.


AWS, GCP, and Azure have transformed how businesses operate by providing an extensive suite of cloud services. This comprehensive list gives you a glimpse into their offerings, helping you better understand the available tools and how they can address your business needs.

Whether you're a developer, IT professional, entrepreneur, or anyone interested in cloud computing, this list equips you with valuable insights into the world of AWS, GCP, and Azure services. Dive into the offerings and discover the possibilities that each platform brings to the table.

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