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Python Variable Naming Conventions

Note: This article is for my reference.

  • Variable names cannot start with a number, like 1var, 2x, and so on.
  • Variable names cannot start with special characters, like !, @, #, !y, +, -, and so on.
  • Variable names are case sensitive. So, Name is not the same as name.
  • Reserved words cannot be used as variable names. For example, class is a reserved word in Python. It cannot be used as a variable name. However, klass and Class work fine. Still, using the name Class could be regarded as poor programming practice since it could cause confusion for the reader.

These following words are part of Python's syntax and have specific meanings within the language. You cannot use them as variable names or any other identifiers in your Python code. Keep in mind that this list is based on Python 3.x versions, and newer versions might introduce additional reserved words or make changes.

False    await    else     import   pass
None     break    except   in       raise
True     class    finally  is       return
and      continue for      lambda   try
as       def      from     nonlocal while
assert   del      global   not      with
async    elif     if       or       yield

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